Continuous fiber prints, no post-consolidationThe Wizard 480+ was created to meet a need for high-accuracy prints using a wide range of materials, including continuous carbon fiber and high-performance thermoplastics like PEEK, shown here. The print quality also offers high performance, evidenced by the excellent fiber-to-resin distribution and low void content […]

Image: CSIRO The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has created silicone resins ideal for 3D printing professional medical pieces. The resins, according to CSIRO, are non-cytotoxic, remarkably transparent, attribute tunable mechanical properties, and capable of printing complex patterns in large resolution, which includes irregular designs, slender walls, and […]

Boston Micro Fabrication machines use technology co-developed by MIT professor Nicholas Fang to print millimeter-sized products with micron-scale details.Credits: Courtesy of BMF Technologies Boston Micro Fabrication, a startup of Professor Nicholas Fang, uses a new optical focus method to manufacture ultra-precision printers. The hardware of many products, such as computer […]