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Discord has very limited options when it comes to customizability. Yes, you can add custom emojis and stickers, but when it comes to customizing the user interface, you normally can’t do a whole lot. However, what if we told you there was a way to truly customize the visual experience of Discord? Let’s go over how to change your background and theme on Discord.

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To change your Discord background, go to User Settings > Appearance. Under THEME, you can select Dark or Light.

The BetterDiscord client mod allows you to add custom themes over Discord.


How to change your Discord theme (desktop)

Open Discord on your computer and click the gear-shaped User Settings button at the bottom.

click user settings desktop

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Within User Settings, scroll down to the App Settings section. Click Appearance.

go to appearance

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Under THEME, you can select DarkLight, or Sync with computer.

theme functions for changing background desktop

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How to change your Discord theme (mobile)

Open the Discord mobile app on your device. From the Home tab, go to the User Settings page by pressing your profile picture icon from the options along the bottom.

mobile background change

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Within User Settings, scroll down to the APP SETTINGS section and tap Appearance. Within the Appearance menu, you can select a Light or Dark theme.

How to set a custom background on Discord (BetterDiscord)

Before getting started, we must make it clear that BetterDiscord is not compliant with Discord’s own terms of service (ToS). BetterDiscord directly modifies Discord’s existing desktop client, which—as you might expect—is not allowed.

On their website, BetterDiscord claims that, while it blatantly does violate Discord’s terms of service, “Discord does not hand out bans for simply using BetterDiscord.” As BetterDiscord is so widely recognized, respected, and used by members of the Discord community, people rarely get banned for using it. That said, you will still want to be very careful to make sure you don’t overstep your bounds and further violate Discord’s terms of service.

download betterdiscord

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After it’s finished downloading, run the application and install BetterDiscord. When finished, click Close.

install betterdiscord 1

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After installing the BetterDiscord client mod, run Discord and go to User Settings.

user settings

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If you scroll down the User Settings menu on the left-hand side, you will see the BetterDiscord section near the bottom. Under BetterDiscord, click Themes.

themees within betterdiscord

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If this is your first time using BetterDiscord, you won’t have any themes downloaded yet. To add a custom theme through BetterDiscord, you’ll need to download it from their website first.

Click the this website link to visit BetterDiscord’s custom-made themes page.

this website button

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Locate a theme you’d like to apply to Discord from the list on the website. Click the blue Download button on that theme.

theme download

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When choosing where to save the theme on your computer, save it within BetterDiscord > themes. This themes folder is where you will find your base theme files when you go back to Discord.

Once you’ve located the correct file path, click Save to save that theme to BetterDiscord’s themes folder.

where to save betterdiscord themes

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Return to Discord. If you followed the above steps correctly, the theme you downloaded should appear on the Themes page under Better Discord in User Settings.

Click the slider on that theme to toggle it on.

toggle the theme on

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That’s it! Once you’ve toggled on that theme, you can start using Discord with a visually transformed user interface.

ClearVision theme BetterDiscord

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Click the downward-facing arrow next to the server name > Server Settings > Overview. Scroll down to Server Invite Background, then click Upload Background. The image you upload has to be 1920×1080 and a JPG or PNG file type.

Answered in our article, you must use BetterDiscord. Please review all of the steps outlined here.


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