New Gear Saves Old Printer


As the electronic photographic revolution took off, and everyone bought a shiny new film-significantly less digital camera, there was a quick trend for image printers. The idea was you’d have the similar prints you’d generally experienced from movie, but the media for these printers would invariably expense a fortune so shoppers moved on pretty speedily.

Now the pop up in next-hand retailers and the like, which is how [Amen] acquired a Canon Selphy 740. It didn’t get the job done, and on investigation it was uncovered that a notably little plastic gear experienced failed. Most persons would have tossed the printer in the trash, but they rather opted to CNC-machine a new equipment. It’s not every day you tackle a position this modest, so it can make for an exciting tale.

When the very first intuition could possibly be to attain arrive at for a CAD bundle, [Amen] alternatively wrote a script to create the uncooked GCode. The machining is done with a .2 mm bit ground to the sought after profile. The result: a gear that gets the printer performing once more. It’s a dye-sublimation printer that leaves a detrimental picture in the cartridge, enabling unfavorable prints to be created with a bit of cartridge rewinding. And for individuals who might have ended up with a Selphy of their own, there is a additional publish about applying more affordable aftermarket cartridges.


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Ellen C. McGowan

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