[ad_1] CD sales increased for the first time in 17 years in 2021, up 21% to $584 million. Although it will take another year or so to establish a true upward trend, the fact is that listening to music on physical media isn’t dead and vinyl records (and even audio cassettes) may not be your […]

[ad_1] Most Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software require good graphics cards, displays and CPUs to deliver brilliant image qualities and fast performance. If you’re a Graphics Designer, Engineer, or Architect, you’ll understand the importance of this. You’ll need to view objects in different representations and run numerous simulations on real-world conditions. So […]

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[ad_1] Apple announced many features during the WWDC 2022 keynote for every device in the Apple Ecosystem like Stage Manager, Messages Edit, Unsend, and many other features. But the feature that definitely caught people’s eyes is the ability to use your iPhone as a webcam. Apple had a special clip […]

[ad_1] Make plenty of tries to reduce foam using what ever you have received — utility knife, hacksaw, serrated plastic knife — and you’ll want hard for some thing that cuts cleaner, speedier, and greater. Whilst there are all kinds of techniques to create a sizzling wire foam cutter, this […]