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WeBranding Global, a full-service creative agency and marketing consulting network driven by the desire to connect and inspire people worldwide through the soul of a brand, recently integrates its revolutionary SaaS Platform & A.I. Tech to accelerate growth and provide solutions to help companies compete in the global tech ecosystem.

The impact of Covid-19 accelerated the growth of online marketing channels such as eCommerce. Online retail sales have skyrocketed due to convenience and cost-effectiveness. The pandemic thrust eCommerce at the forefront, especially in the U.S. markets, where consumers spent more time online due to quarantine, work-from-home modalities, and closures of many establishments.

Consumers lead the way.

With the growing popularity of eCommerce and online marketplaces, direct-to-consumer (DTC) is poised to dominate the market. Up to 57% of brand manufacturers embrace the DTC model, making it the fastest-growing eCommerce category.

These remote interactions, such as Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), digitization, and self-service, have increased the SaaS world exponentially. The SaaS industry is currently growing by 18% each year and is worth over $145 billion.

In today’s time, SaaS solutions are speedy and effective and the most upcoming option in these tech-savvy and digital times.

One of the top SaaS companies, Shopify is the largest and most used SaaS platform today and about seven times more desirable than all the other SaaS-based eCommerce platforms. 

The Strategy

Providing a personalized, omnichannel customer experience will play a significant role in gaining brand salience and early mindshare.

WeBranding Global partners with Shopify to provide organizations with full-scale business planning, custom website development, branding, overseas marketing solutions and services, and ongoing strategies, helping businesses build their personalized, omnichannel stores.

With its strong creative and marketing capabilities, WeBranding Global is proficient in using SaaS & A.I. technologies to analyze business models; it aims to find the target audience and benefit the companies with accurate data. WeBranding Global is primed to introduce the innovation overseas marketing SaaS platform with an integrated Customer Insight System (CIS) and Market Listening System (MLS). Adding a digital customer experience strategy will enable brands to meet customers’ expectations — emerging as the unexpected resilient forerunner for providing vertical SaaS solutions. 

This move has been sought after by investors and has received 1 million dollars in financing support on the angel round.

Big data can compensate for the hefty workload in increasing areas. From customer support and management to marketing and social networks, A.I. technologies can help SaaS companies create a more strategic position.

As part of the strategy, organizations will understand the new norms for customers who are early adopters of technology and their digital journey touchpoints, including how they affect consumer perception and brand loyalty.

WeBranding Global embraces A.I. to provide next-level products and marketing services. CIS system uses vast data collection and machine learning technology to combine consumer data and consumer portrait into one comprehensive system to position the target consumer group. Through this system, companies can effectively use overseas consumer insights and use predictive digital marketing tools to optimize their marketing strategy, respond to different overseas marketing, and help them market quickly.

The MLS (Market Listening System) is specifically designed for companies to listen to the “Voice of the Customer” (VoC). Using extensive data and “Artificial Intelligence Technology,” the MLS system allows brands to summarize customers’ expectations, experiences, preferences, and aversions to the products or services. This helps ensure that the company puts the customers’ needs center, which ultimately drives brand, development, and service improvements for an unbeatable customer experience.

WeBranding Global, through marketing subdivisions and innovative technology, has empowered overseas companies to express their brands in a way that resonates with overseas target markets — optimizing their online presence and employing more precise marketing tactics. Through an extensive marketing consulting network and international team of dedicated professionals, WeBranding Global provides business analytics, brand strategy, integrated marketing, and sales support in a way that revolutionizes how companies approach cross-border eCommerce.

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