10 Inspiring Web Design Trends in 2022

22 inspiring web design trends for 2022 | Webflow Blog

The whole world of the web design world is a constantly evolving thing that you have to look out for. With these web design trends this 2022, you get to design your website in a way that would be able to cater to the wants and the needs of your audiences and make their experience something that they would never forget. What are The Basics of Web Design? Why do you need to look out for your website design? What are the 5 Principles of Web Design?

10 Inspiring Web Design Trends in 2022

  1. Scavenger hunt

You could make your website design interesting by structuring your website in a fun way by making it lead to puzzles and scavenger hunts. There are a lot of creative ways that you could go about it by revealing some prompts, clues, and answers. 

Here are some great ideas for clues that you could use for your personal web-based scavenger hunt:

  • Draw a shape
  • Put a clickable element on the page that is hidden
  • Decode a cipher
  • Put a word that you could hide in your main website of the site you are putting the scavenger hunt on
  • Make a word-based riddle or clue

When you are making a scavenger hunt, make sure that everyone who decides to participate in it will be able to make it till the end. This is a great way that you could reveal your new product, release a video, or give them “hidden” and “exclusive” intel. 

  1. Art Deco motifs

The art deco motifs have these clean and curving lines with shapes that are repetitive that could kind of be seen in architecture. You could use this to help inspire your website design as you add beautiful fonts, simple elegant logos, borders, illustrations, and spacer motifs that would help show the philosophy that is in the art deco movement. 

You could combine some of the elements that you could see in the natural world and the modernity of the age of the machines by using bold lines, adding symmetry, repetition of elements, and wrapping it all up with simplicity.

  1. Interactive fonts

You could make your website creative by taking advantage of the words and the typography that you are using for your website. You could make your fonts more interactive when you choose to apply a hover-state change. Designers usually do this by writing these interactions using their hands. 

  1. Collage

You could incorporate college-style graphics to your website if you want to give your website this tactile feeling and open your page up more for some white space on your design. The college-style could also give you the chance to put all of these images without you having to fit your whole design to the one sole image.

Creativity is also something you could incorporate in this design by mixing up shapes, some patterns, color coordinating colors in the pictures in this collage, add some effects, tints, and filters are also something you could add so that it would fit with the vibe that you were going for.

  1. Linework

Linework has been something that web designers are bringing back, giving your website a combination of both the modern and throwback feel. You could use the linework to show the differences between sections, paragraphs, product galleries, and headers. Use the lines as a part of your website design.

  1. Split-screen

You could use the split-screen layout to give your website contrast and bring more interest visually as it gives this natural separation for the content that you could put on your page. This would be able to give you the chance to play around with colors and your color schemes and put in as much content as you could on one page where people would be able to find information quickly.

  1. App-like

People have been using apps a lot over the past few years so you could make that an inspiration when you are designing your website. Make a website that people would be able to interact on, have amazing animation, and where the dynamic that they are experiencing when they are using the website makes it feel like they are using an app instead of a website. 

  1. Motion design

When you are putting a motion design, you could do it in subtle ways. Using motion design would help increase the interaction rates that you may have with your audiences to make it more entertaining and intriguing. 

Though this could bring in so many positive interactions with your audiences, going overboard on it could be the downfall of your website, so you have to really look out for how much you put in it and make sure that people who have motion sickness would not have an awful experience with your website.

  1. Abstract illusions

With the abstract illusions, have more of this texture that would seem more organic and have this feel to it that a human hand had created this image. Usually to make the illusion seem more abstract is more sophisticated and natural. When people add this on their websites, it usually starts with ink and paper that is then scanned and created through illustration software.

  1. Glass Morphism

Combining the art of transparency, movement, and blurriness could make your page seem like they are made out of glass and this technique could be used on your logos, sections, and bring in more of your illustrations to life. 

Add more dynamic to your website by adding reflections, shadows, and diffusions to the content of your page and making the illusion of frosted glass.

Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

When you have your own website, the responsiveness of your website design is incredibly important to make sure that the experience of your visitors when they decide to visit your site would be amazing. You have to make sure that your website is compatible with any device that they may use, make sure that the way it looks would be able to adjust to the device, be available on both wide screens and small screens, and your website has a fast loading time.

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