5 additional digital marketing features to incorporate on your restaurant’s website

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Restaurant websites are critical for establishing your company’s online presence. As a result, creating one should function as a major marketing technique.

If you don’t currently have a website for your restaurant, you might be thinking that creating one would take too long or be too expensive.

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software, on the other hand, generates both a menu QR code and a restaurant website with a digital menu.

You can use PayPal, Google Pay, and Stripe to make payments. You won’t have to pay for a website, digital menu, POS, or payment integration separately. As a result, selecting the appropriate software can make all the difference.

Aside from basic contact information and social media links, your digital menu QR code and ordering page, and promotional vouchers, you should include the following on your restaurant’s website.

Other aspects of your digital marketing of your restaurant website

  1. Customer loyalty is emphasized

A loyalty program is a best way to turn infrequent visitors into regular customers.

If you have a good loyalty program, your customers will want to order from you again.

Customize your curriculum to fit your vision.

Reward customers after the tenth meal or visit. Send personalized email campaigns to people who are about to receive rewards.

  1. Email subscription choices

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with customers and encourage them to return.

Customer email addresses can be collected in a variety of ways, for as through loyalty programs or comment boxes.

Include sign-up invitations at every client touchpoint, such as when they book a reservation, on their bill, or on a feedback card. Your email marketing options are virtually endless.

  1. Appetizing food photographs of high quality

Using photographs to communicate with potential customers is the most efficient method. When visitors come to the restaurant, images show them what to anticipate and what to look forward to.

If you can get a “Hmm, that seems tasty” response from website visitors, you’ve already won them over.

You can make an Instagram campaign that incorporates your social media strategy and photographs from your website.

Guests can establish an online gallery on your restaurant’s account by including a hashtag in their culinary photos.

  1. An introduction page

The persona and history of your restaurant can be showcased on your website.

Do you purchase from local farms? Is your grandmother’s name on the menu? In a “About Us” section of your website, tell your visitors about it.

Customers will appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the restaurant idea and your brand’s values.

  1. ADA-compliant inventions

Make sure that anyone can find your locations, read the menu, order online, and use any other internet functions you provide.

Check to see if your photos include alternative text, which provides textual descriptions for images on your page to help visually impaired visitors.

Do you give form labels for users who use screen readers to interact with the fields on your forms?


Making an end-to-end brand experience is critical to any marketing strategy. Your web appearance must reflect your distinct viewpoint at every client touchpoint.

A person who searches for you online is the same as if they came to your door. What will they find there, then?

Ellen C. McGowan

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