Creative Photo Ideas for Canvas Printing

Introduce a Splash of Color

A great, creative way to create a different effect for your photos is to convert your photo into black and white. Then you can add a ‘splash of color’ to the focal point of your photo. In other words, your photo will be black and white/grayscale except for the subject of your photo, which will be in full color. This will create a wonderful focal point and make your image more dynamic.

Add a Funky Edge/Border to the Photo

A grungy, painterly edge effect can add great drama to your photo without overly changing your image. You can add an effect that looks like the photo was painted on, leaving painted edges on the sides, or an interesting effect is one that looks like a processed film photo, having a photo border edge. This can be easily achieved with any photo-editing software or online application, or any custom canvas art company can help you achieve this effect.

Introduce a Warhol-Effect

An eye-catching effect that will make a beautiful, creative canvas is the ‘Warhol-effect’. The effect consists of taking your photo, colorizing it 4 different way, and placing it in 4 quadrants on your canvas. This may take some graphic design and photo effect skills but it can be achieved through a photo-editing software. There’s also other minor details you can add to the art making it truly closer to what Warhol did in his work, like achieving a silkscreen effect. For this, perhaps asking your canvas art printer if they can achieve this look may be easier than attempting it yourself, depending on your skill level.

Make your Photo look Old-fashioned

There are some photo-editing filters and effects you can use that can ‘age’ your photo.Your photo can appear to look like an old black and white or sepia-tone photo from the 1940s or a Polaroid style photo effect. This effect is interesting when the subject of the photo is clearly in a modern setting.

Create a Canvas Cluster

A canvas cluster is a group of several smaller canvas’ clustered together to form one overall piece of canvas art. For this effect you can print 3 different photos on different sized canvas’ and arrange them creatively on your wall. Or, you can print 1 photo, divided into 3 canvas’ (a little tricky, leave this to your canvas art printer), and again arrange them creatively on your wall. This effect is definitely a talking piece when guests come over!

Ellen C. McGowan

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