How to Pick Tools to Achieve your Broad-based Link Building Objectives?

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Digital Marketing tools not only help you to simplify the accomplishment of your tasks, but also do it effectively. Each tool  has its own scope, functions, capabilities and limitations. A specific Digital Marketing function like video distribution can be achieved by a specific set of tools. So, you have to first know the list of available tools to do the specific function and along with their scope and capabilities before setting off with your promotional campaigns. When you have multiple websites to promote, your selection of Tools should not be confined to the promotion of one or certain websites, but all of your websites. The choice and selection of Tools which can be termed Tools Strategy should address the requirements of each website and should help materialize your Broad-based Link Building Objectives. . Check Digital White Labels best Link Building Services.

The choice of Tools determine the success of your Link Building process, and hence should be made with all seriousness and thought. The selection of the Tools required for a campaign should not be made at random. The selection process should be guided by market intelligence, vigilance and diligence. The well-researched and process driven selection of Tools yield purposeful results. The idea is not to get all-round content reach and massive customer acquisition. The real purpose of picking and using the right Tools for a Link Building process is to achieve numerous task based objectives and single comprehensive Broad-based and High Level Objectives of your Joint Link Building Strategy. The Broad-based Link Building Objectives outline the overall goals of the joint strategy and as such aims to fulfill each and individual objectives and goals of each website that you are promoting through the Joint Strategy. The Broad-based Objective is about fulfilling the whole gamut of goals and specific functions specified in the overall strategy and make the campaign result-oriented and successful

Put a List of Tools & Platforms on a Comparison Table

In order to use the tools effectively, create a list of Tools and Platforms recognized to be used for your campaign and put all of them on a comparison table. In the table, compare these Tools and Platforms attribute by attribute such as number of features, scope of reach, types of audiences, advantages, cost of promotion, nature of platform, effectiveness, flexibility, geographical coverage, ability to connect audiences, simplicity of use, types of content, types of ad formats, audience profile targeting, purpose of the tool, audience reach time, content scheduling, marketing automation, social networking, messaging and chatting, geo-targeting, conversion abilities, tool popularity, user base and such various things. For comprehensive packages in Link Building & SEO, check

Create a List of Objectives & Requirements for Your Link Building Campaign

Make a list of your Objectives and Requirements of your Link Building campaign and classify them according to the necessary criteria for your process. These criteria may include the type of audience to be reached, type of content to be promoted, time frame of your promotion, purpose of promotion, stage of promotion, scope of promotion and such necessary details required for your Link Building campaign.

Pick Relevant Tools that Fit Your Objectives & Requirements

Prepare a list of Relevant Tools that match your Objectives and Requirements. You may opt for as many platforms and tools that you feel relevantly and purposefully be used for your Link Building campaigns and activities.

Create Exclusive Posts for Each Tool or Platform

Create unique and exclusive posts for each platform so that each platform effectively promotes and distributes your content to the intended audience. As platforms differ in nature and appeal to different audiences, the idea of using the same type of post with similar tones will not go down well with your audience. So, take out the necessary time to make each one of your posts unique, interesting and suitable to each type of platform keeping in view the nature of the platform and its typical audience. 

Exploit all the Features & Opportunities of the Tool

You have a hard look at the Free and Paid Features of each tool that you select and in what ways that you can use them as opportunities to promote and target your content and messages effectively and efficiently. You have to come up with brilliant ideas to creatively use each feature as an opportunity to make an impact on your end-audience.

Compare Results Between the Tools

As you run your campaign, periodically check the results and compare the efficiency of the tools used in the campaign. Then, find out how these tools can be improved by analyzing what went right and what went wrong. Identify the factors and features that affect and influence the distribution of the content. Having done this, you can stick on to the tools and their features that work best and leave those non-performing ones.

Explore & Try all Possibilities of Promotions of Each Tool

Explore and try all possibilities of promotions that you can do with each of the platforms that you picked for your Link Building campaign. Improve the performance of your content outreach by constantly analyzing the results between various tools, and between content posts. This lets you point to the success and failure factors such as effectiveness of the tool, attractiveness of the topics and subjects, quality of content posts, campaign timing, campaign budget, level of exposure of the content, brand authority, reputation and trust, audience selection, etc. 


With effective selection of the Tools, you will be able to achieve your Broad-based Link Building Goals and Objectives of all your group websites by interlinking them. This enables you to promote your content, generate cross-website traffic and achieve your overall Link Building objectives.

Ellen C. McGowan

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