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USB Ninja Cable

I.T teams and security professionals spend countless hours implementing innovative security control measures to keep the organisation’s data safe. There is one threat that is hard to combat and that is simply human error in the form of user who inadvertently plugs in an infected device like an infected USB drive or even worse something called a USB Ninja cable. In this article, we will discuss what is this latest cyber threat called a USB Ninja cable or malicous usb cable.

What is the USB Ninja Cable?

Cybercriminals and hackers are always thinking of clever, new ways to exploit your devices and you really need to be on your toes to avoid becoming the next victim.  Malware is malicious software intentionally designed to cause damage to your device or network. It comes in many forms, including computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, etc. Malware threats, in particular, are quite dangerous for businesses and individual users alike, and there’s a new attack to look out for: the USB Ninja Cable.

A USB Ninja Cable looks and feels just like an ordinary USB cable. Just by looking at it, you would never know that it can be used as a malware infection tool. When plugged into a host computer, USBNinja acts just like a regular USB cable. For example, it can be used both to charge your phone and to transfer images from your phone to your computer. However, perfectly concealed within USBNinja is a very small Bluetooth device, patiently waiting. When USBNinja receives the secret command, either from a smartphone running the USBNinja app or from our custom-built Bluetooth remote control, it goes from a passive cable to a stealthy attacker by emulating a USB mouse and/or keyboard to deliver its hidden payload to the host computer. This payload can often come in the form of downloading malwaree to infect your device or oftentime simply gaining remote access to your private files.


Its all about security awareness

The best defence against USB ninja cable attacks is simply security awareness. The human factor plays a vital role in the spread of USB cyberattacks. That’s why it’s a good idea to educate people and make them aware of the threats. Most people, if unaware, will not even think twice when using a normal USB cable. Users are not safe any more and need to be aware that cybercriminals can also corrupt other forms of device cables, like USB-A and USB-C cords, micro USBs, lightning cables, USB sticks (aka flash drives), etc. They can even weaponize a computer mouse with a cord that plugs into your USB. The best thing you can do to avoid a USB Ninja Cable attack is to “stop, look and think” before you plug in any device. Cyber threats are always changing, as hackers get more and more creative with their exploits. It’s crucial to stay up-to-date with new threats, like the USB Ninja Cable and beyond.


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Ellen C. McGowan

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