Top 10 Printers For Your Office Use

Printers support a pupil, a company, and several imaginative people in everyday life. It works well because you’re doing it every day with your passion because it feels like a straightforward thing to accomplish new milestones. All-in-One Printers certainly seem to be like an unnoticed device, but they certainly play a significant part.


Most printers are general-purpose models for the printing of text, prints, and images, including some inkjets, manufacturers sell as picture printers. Dedicated and almost dedicated picture printers and mark printers are special choices. (Even 3D printers are a special case of specialist printers and beyond the debate.) The Indian market offers a variety of producers that can efficiently fulfill the task and provide you with an excellent value for money contract. But it seems like a bit of an obstacle to choose a reliable one from all these printers. All-in-one printers are in high demand and you have to approach them selectively if you want to buy the right one.


When you will see that HP, Canon, Epson, and several other brands are the main rivals, being careful in what you are choosing seems like the most critical thing. The versatility is easy to anticipate, but if you want a good use, then you have to be careful with the brand. You would look at all the important aspects, on the other hand.


There are such features that you have to go through as print speed, printing efficiency, printer style, page sizes, intelligent networking, etc. If you lack all of the major elements, you will get a product that does not meet your requirements. This lead to a distinction between a variety of goods on the market.


Increasing capabilities converge between the two common technologies, laser, and inkjet, but there are distinctions. The most interesting thing is that almost all lasers (and laser-class types such as solid ink and LED printers) print text at a higher quality than almost all inkjets, and almost all inkjet prints better images than the majority of lasers. After we checked all brands, we sorted out the ten best all-in-one printers in India. After dealing with crucial aspects. Not only available, highly durable printers are included in the list. We have looked deeply at the fields of work, after-sales, customer care, ink cartridges, repair, and printing.


You do not want an all-in-one printer to be used in a house or in a small office and save money on the cheapest. Early spending a little extra money would not hurt you and it is usually more costly to pay for upkeep or greater costs per page. Maintenance expenses are also an important factor.


Before we jump on to the list, Let us have a look at the factors you should look upon before buying a suitable printer:


  1. Speed

You may value a printer with high speeds depending on your company’s monthly print volume. Remember how much the workers print and what types of print jobs they do while measuring a printer’s speed, which is measured in pages per minute. Certain print-intensive industries, such as law offices, print large documents on a regular basis. When a law firm orders a high-quality but sluggish printer, for example, company processes can be delayed when workers wait for backlogs of massive print jobs to be finished.


On the other hand, you cannot appreciate printer speed as much as if your staff print out just a few pages from time to time, or if your office is very small. However, be aware that the monthly volume of each level of the printer is recommended. You will have more service calls than normal when your printer produces a higher volume as calculated. If the speed is correct, any further headaches can be eliminated.


  1. Forms of Paper

Depending on the kinds of print jobs your company handles, a printer that can accommodate a wider range of paper types might be preferable. Although 8.5 x 11 in., also known as A4, is the most popular paper size, many printers can accommodate paper up to legal size, or 8.5 x 14 in. Printers that can only handle A4 paper can be cheaper, so if your office only prints on this sort of paper, an A4-friendly printer might save you some money. Often, think about the paperweight that your office needs from a printer. The bypass tray is usually used to print heavy paper, such as stock paper. If your office prints a lot of papers on hard paper, though, copier paper is a good option.


  1. Comfort.

For their supposed ease, many switch to major retailers. Like how quickly you buy everything you need from a single-stop shop such as Target, it seems too convenient to go to a well-known store such as Staples or order a printer on your website. But while you may not be as familiar with a local distributor as you do with major stores, it may be easy to select and order a printer from any kind of vendor. In general, a large store and a building of a nearby distributor can be visited to test various models individually. Moreover, as more customers move to internet shopping, it is easy to get a printer online, whether from a large retailer or a smaller distributor, to buy a new couple of sneakers from online shops.


  1. The cost

Although a printer from a large store can be less costly, cartridge costs from small retailers may be up to five times as expensive. Computer rates can be negotiated with both major manufacturers and local dealers, but cartridge costs can be kept much lower by local vendors. Local retailers strive to retain profit margins by service arrangements, which is why they place a premium on holding cartridge costs down in order to maintain a customer’s market. Major retailers charge too much when they know a buyer can only use a cartridge every few months.


In addition, consider downtime costs where the price is used in the purchasing of a printer. You may be out of the printer a month when you are shipping away your printer in repairs when your printer has been purchased from a major retailer. In contrast to a nearby vendor, who normally fixes the printer that day, the costs associated with this situation will rapidly increase. If you don’t print too much and the company will not be severely hampered by downtime, a large store would be more cost-effective if the computer costs are smaller.


  1. Service

You cannot beat the quality of customer service with a nearby dealer. Small local companies generally have smart teams that can really personalize your experience and track your needs regularly. Local dealers also come forward when it comes to the printer repair facility. If your printer is breaking and needs repairs, you will normally have a big retailer like Staples ship to updates, which will allow you to wait for a month. This kind of service can also be pricey, since you pay for a single task, as well as being sluggish. Local distributors provide service prices in your contract to facilitate maintenance. Moreover, because you can assign a mechanic to your place to repair your computer the same day as your nearest dealer is situated nearby.


So, let’s begin by taking a close look at some of the best options available in the market –


  1. Epson Eco Tank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer


The Epson L3110 printer is an older model that remains popular today. Given the printer’s long history in the industry and its simple nature, it’s no surprise that the L3110 is a common choice among consumers. It has an integral ink tank with a spill-proof refilling feature. Print, scan, and copy features are all available on the multifunction printer. The cost per print is just 7 paise for black and 18 paise for color thanks to the ink-tank design instead of cartridges. With a full ink refill, it prints at a phenomenal 10 pages per minute and has a paper yield of 6,500 sheets.


The printing features are recommendable for manual duplex mode, 5.760 x 1440 dpi resolution, and unlimited printing. Epson is one of India’s great brands focusing on its network of after-sales facilities around India. They deliver a variety of versions, but Epson Eco Tank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer is a first-class and outstanding product of choice, without a doubt for the right use. It is a Tin Tank Printer, so you can apply color direct ink and keep it at a cheaper price. This feature allows you to save additional lots via this ink tank printer.


The market now has a wireless supplement, which costs you a few more dollars but is worth the extra money. The printer may be used for Windows and Mac operating systems, but you may face some compatibility problems in some cases with Mac. A USB cable will link your device to the printer. This printer’s only fault is that it isn’t wireless. Printing may be performed on different sizes of paper and on regular or glittering papers. A tray can hold 100 sheets with a thickness of up to 180 GSM. The scanner is fast, and with a USB cable, you can link this printer to the PC. In a minute you can print 33 pages (Black and White) and in one minute you can print 15 color pages. The pace is therefore not that fast, but the price is not that poor. This printer can be found as if every month you need 300 to 500 pages.



  • The scanning and printing features are also practical, making it one of the better buys.
  • Based on the features it offers, this all-in-one printer was reasonably priced.
  • The running cost per page is low, and you should certainly expect improved use.
  • The build quality is good, and the black paint looks amazing when you’re using it.
  • The monthly service period is 300 prints, which seems to be sufficient for limited office and home use.



  • There is no broadband internet access.
  • There are issues with Mac OS.


  1. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer


The Canon G2012 is the most recent update to the Canon G2000 series, and it is the only printer available for Windows users. It is an all-in-one printer with an external ink tank that performs all three main functions of writing, scanning, and copying. It’s a printer for general-purpose work with a 4,800 x 1,200 dpi resolution and features including borderless printing and the ability to accommodate a wide variety of paper sizes from A4 to smaller. It is ideal for home and small office use on a daily to heavy basis. The printer’s page yield is about 8,000 sheets, resulting in a B&W printing cost of 9 paise per page. 8 sheets per minute are the average print speed. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Tank Color Printer could convince you with the design and look of a slightly cheaper offer with better specifications. This black color printer enables you to effectively scan papers, copy them to PC, and you can print them with the B&W and color options.


You can use a color ink flask to use the printer cheaply over the others. It is connected by USB and there is no intelligent one available in this specific model for Bluetooth communication. But with the Microsoft operating system, this is much easier to run. You will find a wide variety of printing features in this critical portion. The printer is accessible via a high-speed USB 2.0 cable to any device operating on Windows 7 or higher. A 1.2-inch LED display and the requisite control buttons are included in the vertical panel to the right. The tray can contain 80 sheets of 75 GSM. This printer will hold up to 220 GSM of paper thickness. You can print from both sides thanks to the Manual duplex feature, but the pinch must be manual. The printer offers all the general features required by a home consumer at a low price.


The price per print is nine countries per paper for white and black, while on color pages you pay 32 pages per print. The job period is nearly equal to that of the other printers during the purchasing process, which is 300 prints per month. This is something that will provide first-time buyers with a decent buy and fantastic value for money.



  • Throughout India, Canon offers a highly dependable customer service network.
  • The build quality of this all-in-one printer is excellent, and it seems to be very durable.
  • The compatibility of ink bottles is extensive, and you can easily find them in the Indian market.
  • Printing using the Canon program seems to be a lot faster because you have a lot of tools to deal with.


  • Since the printer does not support Mac OS, it could be a poor option for Apple fans.
  • There is no ADF.
  • There is no broadband internet access.


  1. Brother DCP-T510W


With a 150-sheet paper tray that can be adjusted for different paper sizes and an additional single-sheet manual feed slot for various paper types, you can handle a wide range of print jobs. The transparent cover on Brother’s Refill Tank System allows for easy front access to the embedded ink tank. A user-friendly design was created to reduce the risk of spillage and mess. Brother printers have a 1-line LCD screen and control panel that makes it simple to navigate print settings. View user-friendly error notices and an onscreen guide for a simple self-solution that doesn’t cause any delays for your print work. Our printers are designed to operate in a range of work environments, with a variety of networking options.


With built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily share a single device with your entire working group. Furthermore, Brother printers are equipped with a mobile print directly from your mobile devices for wireless printing. Brother DCP-T510W is currently one of the best all-in-one portable printers. It is suitable in a home or small office for mild use. In addition to writing, it also offers flatbed scanning and copying features. The average cost per page can be as low as 8 pages thanks to its tin tank instead of its inkjet cartridges. The printing of letters, a variety of legal sizes, different picture sizes, index cards, etc. is available in a wide range of formats including A4 to A6. Print quality is never an issue with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 6000 dpi. The print speed for both black and color is typically 12 ipm and 6 ipm in one minute.


You can print or search from any laptop in wireless mode with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct access. In this printer, too, USB port networking is available to be used in the traditional PC-printer form. This is a Windows, Mac, and also Linux OS compliant printer. The front panel of the printer has the appropriate 1-line LCD and keys. This user interface lets users gather knowledge including success and error codes. There will be up to 150 sheets in the paper tray. A 6,500 and 5,000-page return can be obtained from the printer. Duplex printing is only manually possible in this printer.



  • Printing costs are minimal.
  • WiFi is available.
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • The user interface is simple and intuitive.




  1. HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer


Print, scan, copy, and scan are all included in the HP 410 all-in-one printer. WiFi, USB, and the HP Smart companion app are just a few of the essential connectivity options. It has a black-and-white print speed of 7.5 ppm and a color print speed of 4.5 ppm. The cost of black-and-white printing is 10 paise, while color printing is 18 paise. For premium quality, impressive appearances, effective workmanship, and a better after-sale network, HP is one of the best brands on the market. HP has introduced many All-in-One Printers in recent years, though, HP 410 is very exceptional for the All-in-One Wireless Tank Color Printer and it is three aspects that make it better than anything else.


It’s a clever printer, which allows for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Smart voice helpers like Alexa or Google can be used to enable the printer and start placing commands on a laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet. 7.5 black and white pages can be printed in one minute in a time of 4.5 color pages, making it extremely slow.


It is suitable for home and smaller offices that need over 300 pages a month with this offering. It supports the paper A6, B5, DL, and envelope size and offers an optimized resolution of dpi (color) to 4800×1200 and made dpi to 1200×1200 (black). A page of 4,000 pages (black & white), 8000 pages are generated in a single cartridge (color). It suggests 1000 pages a month for printing. However, it is for a reasonable use of 300 pages of service cycle per month if you look at use and design. This one will not bring you down if you’re willing to get an affordable color printer with intelligent features. The quality is up to the mark, with a printing experience of 4800 x 1200 dpi.



  • The prints are of good quality, which will make your money deal more affordable.
  • The scanner is effective, and without problems, you can expect great use.
  • The printing speed is quite decent, meaning 7.5 B&W and 4.5 color printing in one minute can be expected.
  • On every page, this printer offers you 4800 x 1200 dpi, making it very crisp and confident.
  • The maximum service time is 1,000 pages a month and the choice of an alternative is very consistent.



  • The printer’s pace can sound like a problem because it works very slowly.


  1. Brother DCP-T710W


Brother DCP-T710W is a valuable, multifunctional printer that is well suited for users at home and home. The tin tank configuration lowers the operational cost to a very convenient amount. The print costs can be as minimal as eight countries (26 paise for color). The printing, scanning, and copying needs can be achieved with this printer. The resolution of 1,200 x 6,000 dpi promises outstanding quality prints and an important value-added feature is the Auto Paper Feeder (ADF). The ADF function helps users to search long-form sheets, for example, legal sheets.


The Brother printers accelerate the workflows with a printing speed of up to 12/6 ipm, meaning you can do more in less time. You will confidently produce strong business publications that can make the correct impact from publishing technical reports to excellent brochures. Handle a number of print jobs with a paper tray of 150 sheets that is flexible for different sizes of paper and an extra manual feeding slot for a different kind of paper. Shrink the print cost with Ultra High Yield bottles of Brother’s Ink. Print up to 6,500 black pages and 5,000 colored pages! Our cheap authentic tin guarantees durable devices and printed heads to save you more over time. A transparency cover for easy front access to the embedded ink tank has been created in the Brothers Refill Tank System. The user-friendly interface is designed so that mess and leakage potential are minimized. Our printers are designed for all working environments with versatile networking options. Integrated Wi-Fi helps the whole party to share one device without effort. Moreover, Brother printers are fitted to wirelessly print your mobile devices for direct mobile printing.


For Linux owners, there’s positive news. This is one of the Linux operating system service printers, apart from Windows and Mac. The printer is Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, or USB cable for access to your device. A monitor and the buttons in the front panel are included. You get an output of approximately 6 500 pages with one total recharge ink (5,000 for color). It takes on a vast variety of document types, for example, A4, various regular legal sizes, folio, and more sizes. Print speed is typical for 12 impressions per minute, i.e. for a print of 5 seconds. And a limit of 150 sheets of 220 GSM can be placed inside the paper tray.



  • ADF available. ADF available.
  • ADF Tin Tank Printer, one of the fastest.
  • High speed of printing.
  • WiFi is sold.



  • No duplex printing automatically.
  • High expense.


  1. HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer


You will take thousands of high-quality prints without burning a hole in your budget with the all-in-one HP printer. Without demanding more, it will create approximately 15000 black prints or 8000 color pages. Equipped with a distinct mess-free ink tank device, the printer re-fills the spill-free operation. It features a flatbed scanner with a high resolution and narrow paper scanning, pictures, and other files. Also for beginners, it is very powerful and works well. To copy these documents on a PC, you can use HP software. The intelligent architecture makes it unique to replicate or duplicate documents using this printer. The printer is safe and can be produced in both black and white and color prints. The best thing is that you have 9 pages of black and white running costs when you are going to pay 32-page printing on color.


The next factor is the actual after-sales operation, which guarantees decent buy with a year’s guarantee. The printing time is like any other printer and is three hundred pages a month. You will rely on this printer for proper use in a small office or at home and get a greater value for money compared to the others.



  • Obtain better paper scans with this all-in-one printer using a flatbed scanner.
  • The design is easy, the printer is compact, and the money deal is better.
  • The cost of operation sounds a little costly, but it can be best used by the printer.
  • Up to 4800 x, 1200 calibrated DPI is provided by this color printer.
  • For proper office or home use, the operating time of this printer is between 300 and 1000.



  • Color printing output can be less narrow or rather cheap.


  1. Epson L3152


Epson L3152 is a favorite of many and is the heir to Epson L3150. It is an all-in-one printer with a built-in in a tin tank, a design that makes refilling easier. L3152 has a flat-bed scanner which provides the ability to print, copy and search all important functions. It is best in a home or small office setting for daily use. Combined with 5,760 x 1,440 dpi, boundless, and 7000-page print outputs, this is an ideal option for all-inclusive use. The cost per print is average for 7 countries. The manual duplex function allows for more cost reduction printing on both sides by the software.


By offering multifunctional and inexpensive printing tools for company owners, the Epson all-in-one ink tank printer will save you more. This printer is deliberately designed so that printing costs are lowered and quality improved. It has a built-in tin tank with free error and spillage-free tin bottles with special tins. It also supports smartphone applications in addition to traditional Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB networking solutions. Epson Connect and iPrint are among the examples; these applications support print commands directly from your cell phones. Also, Google Cloud Print is supported. It is either a Windows or a Mac device to bind your printer. It is possible to make ordinary prints or picture prints on glossy paper. It can have at least 10 pictures in one minute and the tray can hold 100 papers.



  • Printer with multifunction.
  • Best for printing on a document basis.
  • High speed of printing.
  • Up to 180 GSM of paper thickness.



  • Don’t ADF.
  • Do not show display.


  1. Canon Pixma G2000 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer


Canon is back with their Pixma series because you don’t want to compare Canon Pixma G2000 All-in-One Tank Colour Printer if you want a premium-looking printer. This printer is supplied in a combo by the retailer, or you may obtain the printer. The great thing is that this sale is affordable.


For any peculiar feature to anticipate wireless networking, you can get this printer for a reasonable pricing rate. The Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems are compliant with this printing. The overall usability of this color printer would therefore be no big problem and will provide you with an improved value for money.


The cost of the operation is like our old product, and most of the All-in-one printers on the market are very common. The scanning paper surface is broad enough to make use of the other possibilities. Small keys are on the top to be used effectively.



  • It is an all-in-one printer for scanning, publishing, and copying papers.
  • The printer is Microsoft Windows and Mac OS compatible.
  • The architecture is new and the value for investment is expected to be higher here.
  • The cost is 9 black and white paises and 32 color paise.



  • The first couple of uses will take a short while to connect with your PC.


  1. Epson L3110


The old model printer of Epson L3110, but even today it is quite popular. Given the long history of this printer on the market and its minimal design characteristics, one of the most common options among customers cannot be claimed to be L3110. It has a built-in Tin Tank with a spill-free refill design. The print, scan, and copy functions are given in the multifunction printer. The cost per print is a mere seven paise for black and 18 paise for color impressions thanks to the ink tank style rather than cartridges. It provides 10 prints per minute and 6500 sheets with complete tin re-filling, with an outstanding printing speed.


The printer is recommended for manual duplex mode, 5,760 x 1.440 dpi resolution, and borderless print.

The printer can be used for both Windows and Mac; however, you can have some compatibility problems with Mac often. A USB cable can be used to connect the device to the printer. It is not wireless, the greatest failure of the printer. It is possible to print on different types of paper either on regular or brilliant papers. The tray can hold 100 sheets with a thickness of up to 180 GSM.



  • Printer with multi-function.
  • Good printing of papers.
  • Quite common with people.



  • No networking through wireless.
  • Mac OS problems.


  1. Epson M205 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Printer


The Epson M205 saves money, electricity, and time, making you more cost-effective than any Mono Laser or Inkjet Printer. Fantastic savings and yields The proven ink tank machine printers of Epson have unmatched economic reliability of printing. At just 12 Paise per mono printer, the M205 prints at a third the cost of refilled laser toners even with bad content and enables you to get a very high yield of 6,000 pages, minimizing the ongoing refilling hassle. TheM205 comes with an initial package for a cumulative initial yield of up to 8,000 books, with 2 bottles(140ml and 70mL). Moreover, just 30W power, one-fourth of the power of equal laser printers, are used by this printer.


In Epson’s case, you have to have a really decent budget, since an all-in-one wireless ink tank is one of the better options for a clever all-in-one printer. There is a tiny screen that helps you to easily print papers and small buttons can be used to change settings. This printer is available for easy use on a mobile or a PC. As this one is just a black and white printer, the running expense of this printer is reduced with the use of intelligent hardware and jet sprays.


This can be important for cost and environmentally-aware organizations Print Pace Distinctive Laser ratings of 15ipm, and 34ppm draft print rates are appreciated by busy offices. The M205 is also fitted with up to 34cpm copy speed. High quality and endurance Rejoice in exceptionally long service life and cost-effectiveness. You will now experience excellent quality printing with water and fade-resistant printing using authentic pigments inks from Epson. Epson iPrint Seamless Printing When attached to a wireless network, the M205 makes it convenient for your printing with Epson iPrint. 300 pages a month, which sound trustworthy to a small business or home, is a perfect application suggested by the manufacturers. However, each month, you will go to higher prints that can be around 1000 prints a month. This makes the money deal more important. Services after-sale are secure as well.


You can print directly from intelligent devices with Epson iPrint. Even you can search for an email or upload to cloud resources like, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Doc on your computer. Enhanced productivity When copying and scanning documents with an Automatic Paper Feeder (ADF), which can take up to 30 pages and keeps your printing time quick and nice, the M205 improves your productivity. Integrated 2-line LCD row smoothes running With an integrated 2-line LCD screen that offers flexible functions like the printing job status, the M205 improves performance.



  • The printer of convenience is simple to use and works well in all kinds of applications.
  • It is ideally designed for domestic or small office use depending on the speed of printing.
  • Printing costs are inexpensive because relative to most, you can run them at a much cheaper price.
  • The standard of building is sufficient and with this printer, you can expect a great deal for the money.



  • This printer’s output is only black and white so you should verify that no color prints are provided here.



You can choose from a highly versatile printer that is available for a reasonable price range and provides a variety of features surrounding usability and affordable use. The all-in-one printer is more cost-effective and can be expected to be of greater benefit. A small company’s prime alternative is to acquire an inexpensive fast printer. All products listed in the list are very well known, and with their after-sales services, all these brands are successful.


Ellen C. McGowan

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