Why Is the Final Boss of Elden Ring Subjected to So Much Criticism

The Elden Ring’s final boss, the Elden Beast, has received a lot of criticism from members of the online gaming community due to the Elden Ring’s frustrating gameplay mechanics.


The boss battles in Elden Ring and the rest of FromSoftware’s most successful games are well-known for their excitement and intensity. When asked about their preferred encounter with a boss, fans typically have a number of suggestions ready to share. Fights involving Maliketh, Radahn, and Malenia were some of the most anticipated and enjoyed in Elden Ring. Not only are the bosses well-liked for their difficulty, but also for the designs of their arenas and environments.

Nevertheless, there is one boss in the Elden Ring that has received a lot of criticism. It is the Elden Beast, the final boss of the game, which is traditionally considered to be the most important boss in any game title. On social media, members of the fan community have been vocal in their criticism of the Elden Beast, using phrases such as “the final boss just sucks” and “I can’t believe how bad the final boss is.”Obviously, this has caused some people to wonder what exactly is causing all of this aggravation.

What the Aficionados Have to Say

The Elden Ring subreddit has a wealth of information and discussion pertaining to the Elden Beast. Its appearance is different from that of the other bosses in the Elden Ring, but not in a way that some fans find appealing. Instead of looking like a creature from a dark fantasy world, Elden Ring runes for sale has the appearance of a creature from a science fiction world. Despite the fact that this is consistent with the legend of the Outer Gods, many fans are still dissatisfied. They pointed out that cheap Elden Ring items is not at all an intimidating boss, and a number of fans have compared its appearance to that of a Pokemon or a fruit gummy candy.

  • Some players have expressed the desire that Radagon, Godfrey, or Marika serve as the game’s ultimate adversary
  • Fans adored the design and twist that Radagon had, and he was a boss that came right before the Elden Beast
  • The fact that Radagon is a boss fight that feels more like a flask tax for the Elden Beast makes both of their fights feel devalued (the fact that the Elden Beast was a second-phase fight was something that the majority of fans found extremely annoying)
  • Fans on social media have mentioned that it would have been cool if the final boss were the first Tarnished, Godfrey, who is fought right before Radagon and the Elden Beast
  • Godfrey is fought right before Radagon and the Elden Beast
  • Fans also mentioned that they would have liked a second phase fight if it was Marika, given that she and Radagon appear to share a body
  • However, this did not happen

Aside from its design and phase, the Elden Beast’s mechanics were the primary point of contention among fans. Even though buy Elden Ring items is quite large, the boss travels around the arena at a rapid pace, going from one side to the other. Because of this, the player will spend the majority of the fight chasing after the boss rather than actually fighting it. The boss can also spam spell attacks while they are at a distance. Fans have voiced their concern that the constant movement of the giant boss makes it difficult for the camera to keep up. As a result of this, many people believe that the fight against the Elden Beast should have included Torrent. In general, players felt that the game’s mechanics were unfairly imbalanced.


The descriptions given above are among the more complimentary comments that players have made about the boss battle. A good number of them referred to it as stupid, game-breaking, horribly designed, ridiculous, a game-ruiner, and the worst boss in the history of Souls. There are some players who enjoy the aesthetics of the boss, but it’s unusual to come across someone who enjoyed the gameplay of the battle.

A More In-Depth Look At The Battle With The Elden Beast
There are some players who have made the claim that the Elden Beast is not the final boss, but rather serves more as an epilogue to the overall experience of playing the game. The purpose of the music, the setting, and the deliberate pace of the fight is to convey the idea that this battle is the climactic event of the entire game. The fact that players dislike pursuing the Elden Beast may very well be the whole point of the activity. It’s possible that the unbalanced mechanics are supposed to represent how the Greater Will has dealt an unfair hand to the Tarnished throughout their journey through the Lands Between. In the end, Elden Ring Runes XBOX has proven to be an unfair God, and as a result, it will not fight like other beings. It is possible for the beast to flee because the player has effectively already won. The player has been successful in overcoming all of the enemy’s defenses, from the thorns on the Erdtree to Radagon.

If this was the thought process behind the Elden Beast, then either the gaming community is not aware of Elden Ring Class Guide or cheap Elden Ring runes is not sufficient to justify the problems they have been having with the game. A further illustration of the fact that the Soulsborne games are not for the faint of heart is provided by the Elden Beast. The phrase “get good” is exchanged between players of these games so frequently for a good reason. If things get difficult, players have two options: either they must keep giving buy Elden Ring Runes PS their all or they must give up and quit the game.

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