7 Signs To Know When It’s Time To Migrate To VPS Hosting

7 Signs That It's Time to Switch to VPS Hosting

Typically, site owners opt for a shared hosting plan while launching their websites since it is affordable and easy to use. While different web hosting plans are available, shared hosting is popular among many site owners. 

The server and its resources are shared between multiple users in shared hosting. Hence, the power offered to each user is limited. Once the website starts growing and the shared plan cannot cater to its growing demands, the site owner can start looking for an upgrade to Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers.

When you buy a VPS Hosting Server, your site resides on a virtual server with account isolation, full root access, and dedicated resources. You can choose between Windows and Linux VPS, HDD and SSD VPS Servers, and Unmanaged and Managed VPS plans based on your needs. 

However, how would you know that it is time to move the site to a VPS Server? This article will share seven signs to help you understand when to migrate your site to a virtual server hosting plan.

  1. Need for better security features

In shared hosting, security risks are higher since it shares the server and its resources without any partitions. Hence, even if one site is vulnerable and gets hacked, all the sites on the server can get infected. 

With VPS Hosting, you don’t have to worry about this since all virtual servers are isolated. 

  1. Manage high volumes of site traffic

As your site gains popularity, it starts attracting more and more people. These people want to visit your site and explore various products and services and can eat up the bandwidth of your hosting plan. 

With VPS Hosting, you will be better equipped to handle such traffic spikes easily.

  1. Manage frequent ‘allocated resources over‘ error

If your shared hosting account constantly throws an error that says ‘allocation resources quota exhausted’, then it might be time to consider migrating the site to a VPS Server.

  1. Handle regular downtime

Depending on the nature of your business, website downtime can result in reputational and financial losses. 

If you have been facing frequent downtimes, consider migrating to a VPS Server.

  1. You want to run an eCommerce store

eCommerce platforms have high compliance standards, and most shared hosting plans fail to pass the standards tests. 

So, to start an eCommerce store, you should consider migrating to a VPS or Dedicated Server hosting plan.

  1. Your site needs a customisable environment

If your site demands a customisable hosting environment, you have two options – VPS Server and Dedicated Server. 

A dedicated server hosting plan is highly costly since the site is the only user of the entire server. On the other hand, VPS Hosting offers similar customizability at a marginal cost.

  1. Slow-loading website

If your site is taking too long to load and, after analysing the reasons, you find that the hosting plan needs to be revised, then you might want to migrate to a VPS for faster speeds.

Summing Up

The signs mentioned above can help you identify if it is time to move your site from a Shared Hosting plan to a Dedicated or VPS Server in India. 

Remember, you can solve many issues with proper troubleshooting and monitoring. Make sure that you have the right support team to migrate your website should you decide to do so. Good Luck!

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