Reseller Hosting allows individuals and businesses to resell the hosting to the end clients. It’s becoming one of the lucrative business plans for people seeking to venture into the web hosting industry without the burden of infrastructure management.  However, the Reseller Web Hosting business is evolving and growing with time […]

Typically, site owners opt for a shared hosting plan while launching their websites since it is affordable and easy to use. While different web hosting plans are available, shared hosting is popular among many site owners.  The server and its resources are shared between multiple users in shared hosting. Hence, […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to the success of any digital media. With a solid SEO strategy, a business can attract more customers through organic search and improve its reputation in the marketplace. But to succeed in SEO requires skill and experience. Therefore, it is wise to hire […]

It’s a brave new world where printing solutions don’t have to wait. The reasons aren’t obscure to scan: With the digital printing market poised to expand at a CAGR of no less than 6.56% by the end of 2027, the print-from-Android option is destined to remain a popular choice with […]

In recent years social media and business have gone hand in hand because social media allows for fast, inexpensive, and effective ways to reach almost half the world’s population. Many people even use social media to run their businesses like mahzooz live. Here is how social media is essential for […]