The 11 Best Polaroid Printers of 2021

best polaroid printers

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Having all of your photos on your phone is amazing, but having physical photos to display at home is also nice. Usually, you’d have to go to a large retailer to print off quality versions of your phone photos, but not anymore. With Polaroid printers and portable phone printers, you can quickly and easily print off your treasured memories from the comfort of home. Plus, when you use the Polaroid aspect ratio, you get that extra dose of nostalgia to go along with your picture. The popularity of these printers means there are a vast number of great options out there, but we’ve narrowed down the best ones so you don’t have to.

What to Consider


If you want to bring your printer everywhere with you, you’ll want to consider the size and portability. Many of these printers can easily fit in a purse or pocket. If your printer requires a direction connection and can’t connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you’ll also need to be able to carry cords.

Image Quality

These printers all come with special kinds of paper, so you’ll want to consider what kind of pictures you want to print out. The standard size picture is 2×3, but some can print bigger. Some models print in color while others don’t, and some have the vintage Polaroid style while others print modern-quality photos. So consider what type of picture you want.

Fun Features

Some of these printers allow you to edit and add filters before printing. Some can even attach to your phone and print automatically. Consider if you want any extra features with your printer when choosing one.

How We Selected

Through comprehensive research, we were able to narrow down the overwhelming amount of options out there for you. First, we made sure to delve into the best tech publications, like DigitalTrends and PCMag, to find the cream of the crop. Next, we broke down the best of the best into easy-to-scroll-through categories. We also made sure to read through reviews and make sure that each of these options has at least four stars or more on Amazon.

With all of the legwork we put in, you can trust that you’re going to be happy with just about any product on this list. Just find the category that meets what you’re looking for and click through!

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Best Overall

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer



When it comes to a great overall smartphone printer that does everything you need at a good price, we recommend the Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer. The Fujifilm Instax is super small, portable, and comes in a variety of fun colors. A super quick printing speed of 12 seconds lets you print off tons of photos easily. 

Two great features are print mode and fun mode. When held vertically, the Instax is in print mode, letting you print off your photos. Fun mode is when you hold it horizontally, letting you print with your friends.

  • Portable
  • Easy to print
  • Fast printing
  • Easy to connect



HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer

The HP Sprocket Printer is our runner-up thanks to its super affordable price point and its beautiful quality pictures. The reason it comes up short is that it only accepts slightly larger photo sizes, rather than the standard 2×3 size that many of these printers offer. Also, it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. Other than that, this is an easy-to-use portable printer that has a fun app that lets you edit, filter, and more before printing off your picture. The app comes with an augmented reality feature for even more fun.

  • Affordable
  • Bigger pictures if that’s what you prefer
  • HP app and augmented reality features
  • No option for smaller-size pictures
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity


Best Photo Quality

Polaroid Originals Hi-Print Pocket Photo Printer



If you want truly beautiful, high-quality photos from your portable phone printer, go for the Polaroid Hi-Print. This printer uses dye-sublimation technology to create especially vibrant pictures. The app that comes with it allows you to apply filters, stickers, and more to customize your pictures even further. 

The only downside with this one is that you’ll need to make sure to buy the Polaroid Hi-Print paper specifically in order for the printer to work. But when it comes to making your prints look amazing, this one can’t be beaten.

  • High-quality, vibrant prints
  • Portable
  • Good app with customizability options
  • Affordable price
  • Can only use Polaroid Hi-Print paper


Best Personal Polaroid Darkroom

Polaroid Lab Everything Box Starter Kit

Polaroid Originals


If you want a truly unique Polaroid printing experience, the Polaroid Lab is your answer. The Polaroid Lab can become your own personal Polaroid darkroom. And this starter kit comes with everything you need to get started. It uses actual photochemistry to convert your mobile pics into a real physical photo. The app even lets you create collages and print them off as well. 

The Polaroid Lab is definitely not the most portable option, but if you’re seeking something unique and fun to experiment with, this is the choice to go with.

  • Uses real photochemistry
  • Customization, lets you make collages
  • Fun experience creating pictures


Easiest to Use

Kodak Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer

If you want a simple-to-use portable printer that gives you multiple connectivity options, then the Kodak Dock Plus is a good choice. With this printer, you connect with Bluetooth or you can plug your phone directly into the dock for fast printing. The app gives you the typical customizable options and the Kodak 4Pass technology laminates your photos on their way out. 

Keep in mind, if you’re wanting smaller pictures, then you’ll likely want to choose a different option. However, if you like your pictures slightly larger, this is a really great choice.

  • Slightly larger pictures
  • Easy to connect or dock
  • Laminated photos
  • Not super portable
  • A bit more expensive
  • No option for smaller photos
  • Uses ink


Best Video Printer

Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then the Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer is a no-brainer. Just like in the movies, you can use the app to make your pictures come to life. This is a super cool feature even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan. Of course, if you are a fan, the included House crests to customize your printer are going to be even more exciting. This printer also lets you easily print with one-click Bluetooth printing. 

  • App that lets you make your pictures come to life with AR
  • Easy one-click Bluetooth enabled printing
  • Harry Potter branding might not be for everyone


Most Portable

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

The Canon Ivy Photo Printer is small enough to be taken anywhere and everywhere. Its pocket-sized form lets you bring it on the go, so you can print off your memories wherever you are. The Canon Ivy prints 2×3 sticky-backed pictures, so you can quickly print them out and give them to friends or hang them up right away. 

The Mini Print app lets you add effects, filters, and anything else before printing off your photos. In short, if you want something super portable that prints great 2×3 pics, you can’t go wrong with the Canon Ivy!

  • Super small and portable
  • Mini-Print app
  • Not too many extra features


Best for Large Photos

Lifeprint Portable Photo and Video Printer

If the typical size for portable photo printers isn’t enough for you, then you should consider going with the Lifeprint Portable Photo and Video Printer. With this printer from Lifeprint, you can instantly print photos and videos on 3×4.5 paper. This is twice the size of the usual 2×3 photos you get from other portable photo printers.

The Lifeprint App also lets you share your photos from anywhere in the world to friends and family who are also using the Lifeprint. Also, when Lifeprint is connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can print photos no matter where you are, and they’ll be there when you get home.

  • Larger photos
  • Lifeprint App
  • A bit expensive
  • No option for smaller photos


Best for Turning Your Phone into a Polaroid Camera

Lifeprint Instant Printer for Phones



For those who really like instant gratification, the Lifeprint Instant Printer transforms your phone into a printer. This portable printer actually attaches to the back of your phone, letting you instantly print wherever you are. Now you can add your filters, effects, stickers, and more in the Lifeprint app and then watch them print off right from the back of your phone. There’s nothing quite like taking a picture for someone and then being able to hand them a physical copy right after!

  • Affordable price
  • Attaches to your phone
  • Lifeprint app
  • Can make your phone a little bulky


Best Budget Option

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

If you’re wanting a portable printer that has all of the basic functions at the absolute best price, the Kodak Step Printer is the most affordable of the bunch. It doesn’t do anything extremely fancy, but it will let you easily print your 2×3 pictures directly from your smartphone, which is what a good portable printer should do! It might be a bit slower than some other options, but as far as a bare-bones budget option goes, you can’t do much better than this one.

  • Most affordable option
  • Kodak app
  • Not many extra features
  • Prints can be a little slow


Most Features

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

If you want a portable printer that does it all, then the Canon Selphy CP1300 is the printer for you. This little machine can print high-quality photos, comes with a mini-LCD screen, and allows you to print different sizes. That being said, this option might not be for everyone. It comes in at a higher price point and it’s not quite as portable as other options on this list. Also, it uses ink, so you’ll need to replace that. Still, if you’re looking for multiple features, this one has you covered.

  • Multiple features
  • High-quality photos, different sizes
  • Not as portable as others
  • Uses ink
  • Expensive

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